Equality Rights Data Report on Aboriginal People in Canada

From the Policy, Research and International Division of the Commission’s Knowledge Centre, the UAKN would like to share the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s forthcoming Equality Rights Data Report on Aboriginal People in Canada.

This report compares Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people across a spectrum of indicators, including education, employment, economic well-being, health, and housing.  The report provides as comprehensive a statistical portrait as can be drawn from available data. Aboriginal people living off reserve are better represented in statistical surveys. However, on reserve, the gaps are significant. In some cases, data is simply not available.

For decades, study after study has chronicled the social injustice faced by Aboriginal people, on and off reserve. This report adds to our understanding by providing an empirical reference point regarding the impacts of systemic discrimination on the equality rights of a group protected by Canadian human rights legislation and international conventions.

To read the report click here: