Partnerships are at the root of the success of the UAKN. Partnerships are instrumental to enact meaningful change that benefits urban Aboriginal communities through the development of collaborative policy. The UAKN is represented by several layers of partnerships throughout Canada. They include Friendship Centres, universities, community members and governments. We value our partners and look to strengthen their involvement.

Our network reaches far beyond academics and governments. Urban Aboriginal communities across Canada are vital partners in our research and network. We combine information from these communities through partnerships with key Canadian academic institutions. This is accomplished in an inclusive manner of information gathering, knowledge exchange and reconciliation with the goal of improving the quality of life of urban Aboriginal peoples.

The UAKN is confident that these partnerships will continue to grow. The knowledge gained by the UAKN is effectively transferred to communities through a partnership framework that involves a variety of groups and stakeholders. This ensures that the research conducted works toward our goal of creating innovative policy for Aboriginal peoples in urban centres.

UAKN is looking to expand its network and continually accepting and collaborating with new partners in order to broaden the network and to share the knowledge created.

Government Departments

This research was funded by a SSHRC Partnership grant entitled Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network: Research for a Better Life. The UAKN also works with closely with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) who has been helpful and strategically involved with the NAFC and UAKN with research, book publications, and grant submissions. Statistics Canada has also assisted by providing numerous Aboriginal Peoples Survey, Census  and National Household Survey  data sets that are used as a basis for our research findings as well as data and mapping information.

Regional Research Centres

RRCs are comprised of networks of researchers, Friendship Centres and representatives of Aboriginal communities, policy-makers from different orders of government, and practitioners.

Our partners from the four Regional Research Centres across Canada have been very strong and influential within the UAKN, both past and present.

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Community and Friendship Centres

The UAKN has developed partnerships with various non-profit community groups as well as various Friendship Centres and Provincial Territorial Associations (PTAs).  This has largely been fostered through the UAKN-SSHRC partnership grant application as many of our partners and participants involve employees in executive positions among the Friendship Centre Movement.