NAFC Request for Proposals – The UAKN Social Innovation and Reconciliation (Deadline Feb. 15, 2017)

The Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network (UAKN) Secretariat, through the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) is seeking a contractor/contracting firm here in known as “the Contractor” to undertake the development of a discussion paper documenting the ways in which urban Indigenous communities engage in social innovation and the challenges and impacts that communities experience during the social innovation process.  The ideal Contractor will have significant experience in conducting research involving Indigenous peoples, knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures, histories, knowledges, and community protocols, knowledge of social innovation, and a proven track record of working with Indigenous communities and/or organizations.

The goal of this research project is to understand the ways in which social innovation is approached within urban Indigenous communities, what the impacts and challenges are. This work will build upon an environmental scan documenting the social innovation landscape that was commissioned by the UAKN in 2015.  It can be found here: The project will require the completion of 4-6 case studies drawn from innovations that were presented at the Indigenous Innovation Summit and innovation projects that have received support through the Indigenous Innovation Demonstration Fund, two initiatives that are based at the NAFC, but have reach beyond Friendship Centres.  Utilizing an Indigenous perspective, it will discuss Indigenous innovations including the necessary relationships that are present in the innovation space. As these innovations often involve both Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders, they have the potential to serve as sites of reconciliation and provide opportunities for relationship building when grounded in Indigenous knowledge.

The project will at a minimum draw upon the case studies to identify and discuss the following:

  • How participants approached and conceptualized the innovation project;
  • How the innovation project aligns with the missions and mandates of their respective communities or organizations;
  • What the impacts have been;
  • Any challenges that have emerged and how these challenges were addressed.
  • The role (if any) that relationships and/or reconciliation plays in Indigenous social innovation;
  • Wise and emerging practices related to social innovation and specifically Indigenous social innovation; and
  • Any tools and/or tactics that urban Indigenous communities are using to engage in social innovation and how they could be scaled to other communities.

 Full Proposal and details can be found here: UAKN RFP February 2017

The closing date for this RFP is February 15, 2017

Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

and be addressed to the attention of the
Executive Director
National Association of Friendship Centres
275 MacLaren St.
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 0L9

Submissions can be provided in hard copy to the above address, or
in electronic format by e-mail to [email protected].

The NAFC bears no responsibility for misdirected or misaddressed proposals or for proposals that may be incomplete on receipt and review.

Questions pertaining to this RFP may be directed in writing by e-mail to:
Pamela Ouart-McNabb, [email protected]