The Urban Aboriginal Middle Class in Canada

2012 UAKN Research Paper Series


Overall, there were similar patterns throughout the data where Aboriginal people tended to be in the lower income categories more so than non-Aboriginal people. This is a finding that has been repeated in the research for some time now, suggesting that the issues that are impacting Aboriginal people and their success which are not yet resolved.

Positively, however, while there are still clear income disparities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, and between First Nations and other Aboriginal people, the research on the burgeoning urban Aboriginal middle income group is supported in this paper. The issue is how Aboriginal people can be supported to grow further and to move into the higher income group. While education and training could be part of the answer, there are other factors at play. This phenomenon must be better understood and more options must be considered if Aboriginal people are to participate fully in economic growth and development in Canada.

Full Paper: 2012 UAKN Research Paper Series_The Urban Aboriginal Middle Class in Canada_Dr. Amanda Parriag and Paul Chaulk