Transforming education: Strategies to improve the education of urban Aboriginal youth.

Transforming education: Strategies to improve the education of urban Aboriginal youth

Research Start-up Summary and Abstract:
Urban Aboriginal youth, particularly those living in Canada’s foster care systems, have unique educational needs. They graduate at levels much lower than either Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal students not in foster care (Johnson, 2011; Turpel-Lafond & Kendall, 2007) and experience much greater disruption in their educational experiences. To determine the purpose of this Indigenist research study, we met with Aboriginal youth groups to develop the research question, design and methodologies that will help to better understand their educational struggles, successes and needs. We will invite up to 24 urban Aboriginal youth representing four urban Aboriginal youth groups (up to six members each) living in larger metropolitan areas of Vancouver and Victoria BC to creatively respond to the question “Who or what could make you want to stay in school?” The four youth groups are asked to create a video, poster, art project, theatrical performance or song to address the research question. Their responses will be videotaped at a one day provincial youth education conference on October 18, 2013 at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver).

Abstract PDF: UAKN-Western-June-2013-Transforming-education-Strategies-to-improve-the-education-of-urban-Aboriginal-youth

There was a conference held on October 18, 2014 held at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) funded by SSHRC and the UAKN Western Region Research Centre. Hear from the conference participants and the Indigenous youth.This video was presented talking about strategies to improve education for urban Aboriginal youth.