Our Histories, Our Stories

Research Start-up Summary and Abstract:
The UAKN Atlantic Executive Committee is commissioning an Urban Aboriginal historical overview for each Atlantic Province. The historical overview for each province will take the form of a full report and stand alone executive summary to be used in an informational brochure. These two documents will also have an attached discussion guide for educational purposes and knowledge mobilization activities. The executive committee has elected to start with the history of New Brunswick; once this is complete and the methodology is refined we will proceed with the remaining provinces Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Engagement Objectives:
The research question for this project is, “What is the history of urban Aboriginal peoples in New Brunswick?” This study will examine:

  • Pre history overview of territory, populations, governance structures and cultural practices
  • Settler contact: historical timelines, locations and impacts and outcomes of this contact
  • Settler/Aboriginal co-locations: impacts and outcomes
  • Indian Act and subsequent legislation: impact and outcomes, historical overview
  • Historical overview of urban Aboriginal organizations: mandate, population served, current role in the community

The goal will also be to develop a discussion guide, final report and a brochure. These products will be for the intended use of researchers, academics and government officials.

Collaborators and Research Team:
UAKN Atlantic Executive Committee
Carolyn Taylor, contractor
Gary Gould, General Manager of Skigin Elnoog Housing
Steven Foulds, Lawyer UNB Law School Professor
Elders, Glen Tremblay and Dana Sappier

Main contact:
Carolyn Taylor
[email protected]


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